Our Story

Kapil, comes from an IT background, worked at multiple companies including start-up and corporates.Since childhood he was always fond of wearing colours. Being a happy chubby kid, some found him cute and some even called him humpty dumpty 😃
Kapil, during his corporate years used to wear formals. Everyone looked same with white or blue shirt and dark pants. he was looking out for something which could basically bring him out.
One day he was looking at his shirt, his pant and then peeped into his shoes and found those boring grey socks sadly looking at him and then a thought came in his mind. Can these socks be colourful and he realized why not. He searched for them online and offline but could not find desired colours and designs and then that thought passed. After an year or so he went for a holiday and while visiting a local market there he saw socks lying in front of him with the kind of designs and colours he was then looking for. He immediately grabbed them and started wearing them to my office. The colours of the socks made him stand out from the crowd as it brought his inside out - the funnier, care-free, colourful, happy him.
But this did not last longer as the material of the sock wasn't good and it was kind of a gimmick to attract tourists.
This was how the seed for Thela Gaadi was sown. It's been two years now and now the vision has become to make Thela Gaadi India's 1st Integrated accessory brand.
In India, the accessory market in India hasn't evolved as fast as rest of the world. Here in India things look good but do not justify the quality as most of the fashion accessories products are gimmicky. 
Thela Gaadi is a homegrown brand for socks & accessories. It is a tribute to the stories we have all grown up hearing, making us kinder, funnier and wiser through the years. Our products will fill your home with abundant brightness, happy memories, and creative energy.
Our Fashion Accessories are Gender Neutral, Body Positive, Long Lasting, Made using Sustainable yarns and fabrics & Proudly Made in India.
We are all about Nostalgia, Simplicity & Happiness!