Our Story

In India, the accessory market in India hasn't evolved as fast as rest of the world. Here in India things look good but do not justify the quality as most of the products are of commercial quality and are imported.

In 2017, While on a vacation trip to Thailand Kapil found this very beautiful socks at a local market in Thailand. It was one of the best socks he had ever seen and that too for adults. It had this beautiful image of cute animal character which reminded him of his childhood. He immediately wanted to buy that sock but sadly the moment he picked up the socks he could feel that the material was not good and it was more of gimmick to attract tourist.

This was how the the seed for the Thela Gaadi was sown. He dedicated his time for research, product prototyping and reviewing products which were available in India.

Since then we are on a mission to make very high-quality socks with nostalgic designs. It's been two years now and now the vision has become to make Thela Gaadi India's 1st Integrated accessory platform.

Today, Thela Gaadi is a homegrown brand for socks & accessories. Made by the people who love and support India's startup ecosystem. It is a tribute to the stories we have all grown up hearing, making us kinder, funnier and wiser through the years. Our products will fill your home with abundant brightness, happy memories, and creative energy.

We are all about Nostalgia, Simplicity & Happiness!