About Us

For years, we have treasured the little accessories my mother had bought me from the thelewala, the sweet mementos of my childhood summers. Today, their utility has been taken over by the modern product designs but the stories and candor of the thelewala still remain fresh in my mind.

Thela Gaadi is an earnest attempt to bring those childhood tales to life. Thela Gaadi is a tribute to the stories we have all grown up hearing, making us kinder, wilder, funnier, and wiser through the years. Thela Gaadi offers a wide range of home and personal accessories with designs curated from all story frames like history, fairy tales, folktales, cartoons, classics, and interesting patterns that add more colours to our daily lives. Thela Gaadi is a one-stop-shop to find the souvenirs of all kinds of tales and fables.
With authentic raw materials, we translate stories into tangible tales. We craft these tangible tales with great attention to detail and focus on durability. Through its colorful illustrations, Thela gaadi products will fill your home with abundant brightness, happy memories, and creative energy.
We hope your longing for momentary escapes can find happiness in our little tales.