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Jingle all the way!

We have stepped into the last month of the year. December brings along with it chills, excitement and fun. With festivals like Christmas in our bucket, the adrenaline rush is on its maximum. The tree is decorated, the flavour of the cake is decided, the gifts are ordered but what we often forget is to check our dressing for the day. Now you might think what has socks styling to do with Jesus Christ’s birthday? Well, don’t you remember the iconic tale of Santa Claus and the red sock? Well, this year, we are not talking about hanging a red sock for Santa to give you a Christmas gift, this year we are talking about wearing a pair of red...

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Men's Style Guide For Different Occasions

For some of us, style is important and for some, it is not. Surprisingly, the reasons are both weird and valid. Styling often serves as a range of creativity, self-expression and a tool to reinforce a state of mind. This makes dressing up a critical aspect when it comes to mating, dating or maintaining a professional position. One need to keep in consideration the heavy advantage a positive first impression can put on one’s dating life and career. Dressing up well for different occasion minimizes the risk of failure. So what are you waiting for? Make your styling skills even stronger by wearing are amazing foot flaunters.

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