Tote Bags that you can’t resist to have !

Have you ever wished for a Tote Bag for every experience? When your concern is finding the ideal tote, it nearly seems like finding a needle in a haystack. If you’re on the quest to find the best tote bag to fix all your needs, say no more!

We have the perfect tote bags for your requirements that will revive your 90s nostalgia and leave you in awe of the quirky designs and bright colors.
 So, what makes a perfect tote? Considering the goal of most totes is to carry around a good chunk of stuff, we look for the most durable ones that have comfortable straps, are lightweight, and, bonus, has one or two pockets. Look no further because Thela Gaadi has brought you exactly what you have been looking for. 

Why are Tote Bags common these days?

Currently, nearly every person knows the toxicity of single-use plastic bags. This awareness has changed toward relatively less hazardous products to the environment and is also recyclable for several years to come. 

Edible products, groceries, gadgets, and other products are purchased frequently or carried frequently that were carried or sold in plastic bags in the past. A simple practice of carrying a reusable tote bag has helped minimize the use of plastic bags and has helped save our environment to a certain extent. 


What are the uses of tote bags?

  1. If you struggle to carry your essentials in one perfect bag, then tote bags are for you. They are spacious and sturdy and have pockets or compartments that can hold your stuff like a maestro. Due to the wide openings of tote bags, you can fit larger items like a laptop or tablet.

  2. Tote bags can be your beach buddy too. Their size allows you to carry your stuff around in an easy manner. Depending on what size you buy, you can hold your yoga mat and other yoga essentials into it when you plan for a beach vacation.
  3. If you’re a reader, you would be carrying a book all the time or a tablet on which you can read. Tote bags make carrying these things more manageable as they are extra roomy to fit all your needs.
  4. Take your tote bags to the grocery store, and you will never have to use the plastic bags that cause damage to the environment. Most tote bags come in large sizes that can carry your grocery burdens across the markets.
  5. While traveling, tote bags are the best way to keep your essentials together. It will be the most comfortable way to keep your stuff in hand while on a flight or a train. Because of the deep pockets and wide opening, tote bags make it easier to put in or take out stuff during your travel.

 Thela Gaadi introduces its collection of Tote Bags 

While the world was adjusting to everyday styles, our design creativity took another turn, and we crafted these quirky and nostalgic tote bags from the 90s memories. Our tote bags not only carry bright colors and good ol’ 90s designs but are also fun to carry, functional, and comfortable with durability. 
These tote bags are lightweight, soft yet sturdy, and you would not want to miss out on our vibrant and fun tote bags. Thela Gaadi pays attention to the details, ensuring that the shoulder straps are soft and remain easy to carry even when the tote bag is overloaded. 
We have created these tote bags that compliment all your styles, like casual or formal dresses. Come and let’s check what’s your favorite one. You can check our range of tote bags here. 

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