This Diwali, Get Together With Your Friends From The Good Ol’ Days

Growing up as a 90s kid, you would agree that nothing beats the pleasure and charm of the 90s cartoons. The evergreen and heroic cartoons have had a great influence on the millennials, no wonder they’re not able to forget its essence. It is time to leave aside the luxury of smartphones and the internet for fun. We mean *Real Fun*.

What if this Diwali you get a chance to meet your old friends and reminisce about the special memories? Remember the days you woke up gluing your eyes to the beloved Looney Tunes fam or ended your evenings with a playful game of chasing with Tom & Jerry? Yes, it’s possible!

This festive season, Thela Gaadi presents to you Diwali gift boxes that take you on an emotional ride!

Nostalgia-infused Diwali 

Here’s an opportunity to bond with your friends and bring back the good old days by binge-watching your favorite classical cartoons of all time! Shinchan, Scooby-Doo, Flintstones, Tom & Jerry and Dexter's Laboratory, and all other synonyms of 90s nostalgia in India trace back the journey of your favourite characters in the wildest throwback ever! 

We have the perfect Diwali box waiting for you! 

Snuggle With Your Old Friends

Each pair of socks in the Diwali boxes is curated specially by us based on 90s nostalgia cartoons. The comfortable socks have been carefully and significantly crafted to offer both sheer comfort and modernism to your tastes. They are eco-friendly, good fitted, and unisex — clearly, anyone can don them and bask in a relaxed time on the couch. 

In addition to comfort, snugness, and supreme coziness, you can also wear the socks in bed or while diving into a night full of surreptitiously feel-good activities. This is your chance to feel closer to the people you love and what better way to go down the lane of nostalgia? 

To add further charm and entertainment to your beloved rendezvous, our online Diwali boxes also contain playing cards and seed crackers. Thus, encouraging you to have the best time of your life by spending it entirely dipped in fun with the most incredible company ever- the 90s HEROES. 

Perfect Gifting Idea

Clearly well equipped with just the right tools to make any occasion fulfilling and magical, our Diwali gift hampers with 90s nostalgia cartoons merch are formulated to be ideal gifts. The 90s cartoons are iconic and ageless, which means our festive boxes come full of old-school happiness and joy!

Ideal for all age groups, our colourful Diwali boxes can be given to anyone irrespective of their age, allowing them to look back to childhood days and smile softly in remembrance of what it was like to be so free and so unquestionably happy. You can also gift them to the younger generation who are in awe of the 90s cartoons. 

This Diwali, open the doors to happiness and joy with Thela Gaadi’s 90s-inspired gift boxes for Diwali. Shop here for 90s nostalgia gift baskets in India.

Celebrate memories and create new ones! 

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