Monsoon As A Gift

 Happy Monsoon Friends!

Two friends in the rain! They might dance! Yes, they did!

Aishwarya Rai Dancing GIF

Some things never change, the mesmerizing fragrance of water falling on the dry earth is as soothing as our bond with the old buddies. When it's raining cats and dogs, we all have to do chores on the terrace-like clearing the clogged water but really flashbacks of playing in the water is what we see!

In the 90s Frogs became the magically appearing mates, we were always so excited to see them. Raincoats were so rare that we all knew who had an umbrella or a raincoat in class. Those small colorful umbrellas, the size of our heads, were perfect for bicycle rides during rain.

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Monsoon brings so many memories and if you are a romantic, flashbacks! <3 

Nobody could go out to play after coming home drenched in water and mud but playing board games with one eye shut cheating was so much more fun! (Finger-crossed cheating never counted as one) Carrom and Ludo needed the group we always had right next to us, if not, we could always reach them via jumping from terrace to terrace.

Hand-made greeting cards and fancy craft projects were protected with book covers and the plastic wrap was the all-time savior. They just anyhow reached school!

The water droplets falling just before the Assembly began, and that was the sign for the corridor/ class assembly! The fun part was pushing each other during the march past practice in the small corridor.  

The Monsoon season didn't just bring fresh air and good weather perks for PT class but it also helped us change our ways with different things. All the changes began automatically in all the houses, count the number of ways you used! 

We all had so many expectations with rain because all desi homes had the same rituals:

  • To avoid the newspaper soaked in the water, stand outside to grab it!
  • Mummy ke nuskhe to dry all the clothes - iron did the work!

iron laundry GIF

  • Dust your shoes outside home or even class!
  • Papa ke gadgets go in plastic!

have a nice day thank you GIF by Phyllis Ma

  • Chai + Pakore is a must snack combo!

  • Har jagh Chap! Chap! karke jana!

puddles raining GIF

  • Mummy ki daat after bringing wet and muddy shoes inside
  • Paani mein phisalne ka dar = not running or just falling many times!

Slipping Falling Down GIF by Lewis Automotive

  • Umbrellas drying outside the class with different colors!

British Summer GIF by Tim

  • Subh Nahane ke Lie Natak kyuki paani thanda hogya!

Every season has its own memories but the monsoon is special because friendship day fell on a Sunday in the rainy weather. Which made going to all the friends with so many colorful friendship bands even more fun!

The fresh air and the never-ending pledges of friendship are a delight! agreed? comment below!

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