Diwali Gifts are Incomplete without a Touch of Nostalgia!

Celebrations light up our lives with their vibrancy, cheerfulness, and an unreal amount of liveliness. No doubt, festivals bring out the happiest versions of ourselves and allow us to celebrate life at its finest, most glorious phase. Similarly, Diwali, the festival of lights, is deeply loved for all the right reasons!

Diwali is also a festival of gift-giving and receiving. People buy the most exquisite little gift hampers and other precious presents for their loved ones to elevate the feeling of togetherness.

Wondering what to give to your loved ones to express your love the right way? This Diwali is all about going back to the roots. Thela Gaadi’s 90s nostalgic Diwali collection is here to save your day! 

The Most Snuggly Gifts Ever  

Don’t want to go too overboard with ornaments and sculpture? But also don’t want to wrap it up with hampers of delicious treats such as chocolates and waffles? If you are looking for something that will convey to your loved ones just how warm, cozy and comfortable they make you feel, with a subtle twist of Diwali nostalgia, our collection of quirky products will speak to you instantly! 

A Plethora of Socks 

The classics are back! Your old friends are here to visit you on Diwali with our wide range of pairs of socks that are crafted to be perfectly nostalgic. This is the quintessential 90s cartoon network merchandise you must be on the lookout for. 

Also available in a pack of 4, the animated socks are so soft and smooth, your loved ones’ feet will find a rapidly relieving heaven in them. They will definitely use the products every single day and crave more. 

The Finest Handkerchiefs

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone goofy and secretly in love with their favorite childhood cartoons? If your answer is a yes, Thela Gaadi’s Diwali box is the most adorable and truly humbling gift option you will find online. They have animated cartoons stemming on comfy pair of socks and handkerchiefs, The quirky accessories come in the most vibrant colors, brightening up the entire aura of whoever wears them. 

Animated Tote Bags 

Available in most shapes and the brightest colors, our tote bags are designed to add to your outfit and make it stand out in the way you want it to while also carrying your necessities for the day for you. So, you can carry your laptop and other office work while looking like the most fashionable and outgoing individual in your social circle. 

Isn’t that the coolest thing ever? 

God Bless Combos 

Completely confused owing to the number of options and unable to seem to settle on just one? Don’t worry! We fully understand. This is why we know for sure that our combos are perfectly capable of saving your day. Our combo products have every single item we offer, that too, in different themes and cartoons. We understand that a touch of nostalgia is all you need to make someone else’s day super special! 

Our super saver combos aim at reminding you of the best days of your childhood, allowing you to dive into the years when you had the least worries in the world! Those were the days you could simply enjoy your day binge-watching Tom & Jerry, Shinchan and your favourites alongside your partners in crime. 

Our eye masks and boxers are truly gush-worthy too, with their funky animations and comfort. They will lull you to sleep as soon as you put them on, and you will wake up with the brightest smile on your face owing to their vibrant design. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our 90s nostalgic products today and have the most supremely awesome list of gifts ready for this Diwali!

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