10 Favourite School Memories We All Treasure

Bol Pencil.
Teri Shaadi Cancel.

This, and a hundred other quirky antics marked our school life. It was a place that gave us our first best friend and our last carefree moments. From day 1, when we were bawling our eyes out to the last day on our bittersweet farewell — we all have collected a honeypot of memories to cherish from our school days.

Here’s a celebration of all those precious school memories and a callback to those magical times.

1. Pilots on Paper Planes

Remember the only time we were so passionate about reusing paper? Whether it was lunch break, games period, or teacher's absence for a minute, we just needed ONE reason to launch our paper planes. We fought even with our best friend to win the race. And then thought everyone was a cheater when we lost! 😅

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2. Drunk on Rasna Shots

Sure, alcohol was illegal at that age. But acting drunk? Not so much! We were crazy enough to sneak Rasna in our water bottles and pretend it was whiskey. That on-point mimicry of drunk men in Bollywood movies definitely deserved an Oscar!

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3. ‘Death Eyes’ for the Rival Section

The playground was OUR territory the moment we stepped foot on it. Unfortunately, students from the other class section thought the same. Result? Snatching footballs, seizing badminton rackets, and capturing the volleyball court. The playground turned into a battlefield and games? A fight for honour!

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4. New Covers and Johnny Bravo Labels

The only thing exciting about the new course books was the opportunity of covering them with shiny brown papers. Let’s not forget the hours we spent at the stationery shop searching for our favorite cartoon labels. And god forbid if one of our classmates got the same name stickers like us! Yeh kaise ho sakta hai [in a typical Amrish Puri-accent!]

5. Showing Off Our New Geometry Box 

The cool Frontier geometry box featuring a badass soldier was THE dream back in school days. That excitement of using a compass for the first time (for drawing unnecessary circles everywhere) is timeless. So was the fun of making angles with a ‘D’ aka protractor. Not to forget the bragging rights we seized! And how can we forget, threatening bestie with the other compass aka divider that no one ever used.

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6. The Penfighting Champions' Trophy

Okay, there was no such trophy... but boy was it one hell of a competition! From choosing the sturdiest pen to taking the best aim, we did everything to win. This ultimate showdown of pen fighters tested our skills, perseverance, focus, and other BS we told ourselves. And oh the glory of being the class champion of pen fight 😎

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7. Hating on the Class Monitor

Seems like we all had some serious daddy issues at that age! The strong urge to rebel against authority united us all. And our biggest victim was the otherwise nice class monitor.

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8. The Vacation-like Bathroom Breaks

Taking bathroom breaks in the middle of an ongoing class was like breaking out of prison. Remember the thrill of roaming around in the hallways, and taking the longest way back to class? Cherry on top — making faces at other class students from outside the window.

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9. Butchering the Morning Assembly Pledge

‘All Indians are my…’ what? Remember how we slyly omitted the ‘brothers & sisters’ part from the morning pledge. How couldn’t we? Especially when that cute guy/girl was standing right next to us! Request to the Supreme Court: please change ‘all’ to ‘some’!

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10. ALWAYS Procrastinating the Holiday Projects

Summer vacations were all about fun… and forgotten school projects in the backdrop. We loved making doomed plans of completing the project in the first week of vacation. But always ended up starting when school reopened again!

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If you’re smiling ear-to-ear right now, congratulations… You had an AWESOME childhood. School might be over but the memories you’ve made are like that extra toffee your best friend gave you on their birthday. Sweet and full of love! 🍭

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  • Parth Mehta

    tottaly relatable tha, lekin aap wo class me peeche baithke lunch khaane waala part bhul gaye, jab teacher padha rahe hote aur hum khaa rahe hote aur wo classic punishment me bhi masti karne waala bhi bhul gaye XD’

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