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Men's Style Guide For Different Occasions

For some of us, style is important and for some, it is not. Surprisingly, the reasons are both weird and valid. Styling often serves as a range of creativity, self-expression and a tool to reinforce a state of mind. This makes dressing up a critical aspect when it comes to mating, dating or maintaining a professional position. One need to keep in consideration the heavy advantage a positive first impression can put on one’s dating life and career. Dressing up well for different occasion minimizes the risk of failure. So what are you waiting for? Make your styling skills even stronger by wearing are amazing foot flaunters.

Office Meetings 

Monthly office meetings are significant for the growth of the company and to maintain a good relationship between the employer and employee or amongst the team. The expectations are always set high on the team leader as he is the one who serves a guiding light. This makes it crucial for them to keep themselves fresh and positive inside out. While inside positivity is something we can’t offer. Outer positivity and freshness are here in our Thela Gaadi waiting for you.

Add that zing factor in your work life with our duo coloured yellow and maroon socks that are a perfect blend of style and comfort and make your formals fashionable.


Guys Night out 

Meeting your best pals is always a delight and what’s better than a night out. We know you and your guy gang are born stunners and maintaining that tag is a task. What’s a better assistant than our ‘Play and Fly Set’. It is fun, it is stylish, it is playful. Just perfect for a guys time out where men just walk on the street as lady killers.

Family Get Together 

Do you have a family function round the corner? Maybe a cousin’s wedding or your parents anniversary! Be the coolest and the sassiest male of the family and get girls to go gaga about your style. Flaunt our funky red rackets socks and show your sporting side. And what more? Set some major style goals for all the youngsters in your fam jam.

    Dinner date 

    Dates with bae is a perfect example of a situation where you are happy and stressed at the same time. Happy because you got some quality time with your girl after a hectic schedule and stressful because no matter how ‘not like other girls’ your girlfriend is, she needs her man to look classy. So always maintain that charmer appeal of yours with which you won her heart. How? Pretty simple. Dress the best you can. From the cuff of your shirt to the fit of your pants, keep everything perfect. But, don’t forget to wear our special super stylish and ultra comfortable checkbox patterned Yellow Square socks that gives your personality the right amount of classy and edgy look.

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